Hollow Fiber Membrane

STERAPORE is the trade name of Mitsubishi Rayon's ultramicro hollow fiber membrane filter.

Major applications of the Sterapore:

Water purifying sludge
Water Waste water treatment (MBR - Membrane Bio Reactor)
Water Degassing
Water Water system for industrial plant
Water Fine powder recovery

Mitsubishi Rayon's technologies for the membrane are as follows:

1) Clean polyethylene hollow fiber membrane

The hollow fiber membrane is produced by a sophisticated melt spinning and drawing process from 100% of a polyethylene product selected to be clean, and then is a clean, hygienic, and safety membrane, because it dose not contain any solvents, plasticizers, or like that. The inside of a hollow fiber membrane, in which the filtrate or treated fluent flows, dose not contaminated with any particles in the air, since it is always inside from the membrane formation process to the membrane processing.

2) Hydrophilic membrane

The membrane surfaces as well as microfibrils are covered with special hydrophilic polymer, which dose not dissolved in water, and then the hollow fiber is permanently hydrophilic or wetable in water. The hollow fiber membrane can flow water easily through without any additional treatment, and then does not keep in any storage liquid. Handling the membrane, therefore, is improved outstandingly.
The hydrophobic hollow fiber membrane, composed of 100% polyethylene product as described above is not hydrophilic, and then is a good waterproof. The membrane, therefore, is applied to air filter and mist filter.

3) Excellent durability

The hollow fiber membrane is a very tough membrane, which has high tenacity and strong resistance to bending fatigue. In addition, it is not affected at all by any microorganisms, is not affected so much by acids or alkali, or by irradiation. Therefore, it will be used for various application fields.

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